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There are numerous retirement homes in Arizona. These old age homes are perfect for senior citizens who require partial help with day to day tasks but who want to retire in a comfortable environment with like-minded older adults nearby. Retirement facilities in Arizona offer many amenities for Arizona seniors, such as luxury accommodations, making sure the apartment is clean, providing daily care and all daily meals. For retirees living in Arizona, retirement homes are the best senior living and care option. Cost of retirement homes in Arizona changes depending on how luxurious the particular retirement facility is. A large number of Arizona retirement homes are pet-friendly. Many retirement homes in Arizona will accept Medicare and Medicaid to cover part of cost of the retirement facility. There are also numerous dementia and Alzheimer’s retirement homes in Arizona. Browse full listing of all the best retirement homes in Arizona below:

When you are finally able to retire, the last thing that you want to think about is maintaining a large home all by yourself. For seniors who want to spend their golden years without the stress of taking care of a property, an Arizona retirement community is a great alternative.

The Best Method for Selecting A Retirement Community in Arizona

Now that you have decided to move to an Arizona retirement community or home, you may be wondering how to go about selecting one that fits your personality. Once you have identified which type of Arizona senior retirement facility you need, there are a few simple things to look for to help you select the best one for your situation.

Always remember that just because a person has retired, doesn’t mean that they are no longer interested in what goes on around them. Most seniors entering retirement are full of energy and ready to spend more time doing things they enjoy now that work is no longer a concern. Arizona retirement communities should reflect the lifestyle that the now-retired senior followed in their own home. For seniors who have pets, it may be important to find a facility that allows their little friend to relocate with them. A retirement community isn’t an old folks’ home, but rather a community of seniors who simply prefer fewer chores and more leisure time. Make sure that the community you select allows for visitors at any time as well as gives permission for staying overnight. Think about current hobbies and pursuits, and make sure that the Arizona retirement facility has accommodations that will enable you to continue those hobbies unhindered.

Amenities Often Found in An Arizona Retirement Home

The majority of seniors who opt to live in a retirement community are still very active. Being that this is the best time to enjoy their golden years, it makes sense that they want their community to offer amenities that meets their needs. Some selections you can expect to find in an Arizona retirement home are: activity rooms or gyms with a trainer onsite, connected services such as cable and internet, dining halls, swimming pools, integrated security, beauty salons, barbershops and much more. Amenities offered will vary between locations and some services may carry an extra fee, so make sure to enquire prior to enrollment. 

Types of Retirement Homes in Arizona

Seniors who have opted out of the workforces and moved into the retirement phase of their lives have a wide range of long-term options. Depending on the health status, lifestyle preferences and overall desires of the senior, some retirement homes may have more appeal than others. Everyone has different needs, and knowing which options are available will help you to choose the right senior living community for your situation.

  • Arizona Assisted Living Retirement Communities - There are some elderly people who may need more help than others after they retire. Older people who suffer from health conditions or simply those who have aged poorly are best suited for assisted living accommodations. This will allow them to get the help they need with regular tasks while maintaining their dignity.
  • Arizona Independent Living Retirement Communities - Many seniors may find maintaining a large home tedious after retirement. For older people who have little to no medical needs and that can still care for themselves, independent retirement communities are a great option. Retired seniors are given a private apartment that may contain a small kitchen area. In addition, there are meal plans and social gatherings held on the premises.
  • Arizona Nursing Facilities for The Retired – Growing older is often paired with serious medical concerns. Elderly retired people who are in need of dedicated medical care will find nursing homes very helpful. Meals, skilled nursing, and regular monitoring are only some of the services provided in Arizona nursing homes for the retired.
  • Arizona Memory Care Retirement Communities – Growing older can be difficult and once a person has reached retirement, they tend to want to spend their golden years leisurely. While most seniors are able to enjoy their remaining years, some suffer from memory conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease that limit that ability. Memory care communities are a viable way to give these seniors back their independence while still providing skilled nursing and added security they need to thrive.

What Should I Ask When Touring an Arizona Retirement Facility?

Once you have taken the time to consider the benefits of moving into a retirement community, the next step is choosing one that fits your needs. Once you have narrowed down your list of senior retirement homes in Arizona, it is important to visit each location in person before you commit. Here are some important questions you should ask during your visit.

  1. Does the retirement community offer help aids or can you hire one?
  2. What security measures are in place for residents?
  3. Is the Arizona retirement facility a non-profit or for-profit?
  4. Does the community offer social activities?
  5. What plans do the staff have in place to manage a medical emergency?
  6. Meal packages, are they included or a separate charge?
  7. What level of care will trigger discharge, if any?
  8. What comes with the monthly service charge?
  9. Are there generators for emergency backup power?
  10. What are the contract details and is there a life care contract or shorter?

How Much Should I Budget for an Arizona Senior Retirement Home?

After retirement, it is more important than ever to pay attention to your finances. Many seniors choose to relocate to an Arizona retirement community in an effort to lower their living costs without sacrificing their way of life. Some of the more affordable retirement living options in Arizona range as low as $1,250 monthly and can climb to as high as $9,000 a month for a high-end location. With the average cost of a single bedroom apartment ranging about $4,000 a month in an Arizona retirement community, it is much more manageable than most seniors expect. Of course, the prices can go up or down depending on where the community is located, what services are selected, and the final size of the unit rented.

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