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Most comprehensive California retirement facilities list. Find all types of retirement communities in California, including 55+, 62+, active living, independent living, assisted living and continuing care.

There are many retirement homes in California. These senior homes are perfect for seniors who require partial help with day to day tasks but who want to retire in a comfortable environment with like-minded older adults nearby. Retirement facilities in California offer numerous amenities for California seniors, such as luxury accommodations, cleaning the apartment, providing daily care and daily meals. For older adults living in California, retirement facilities are a perfect senior living and care option. Cost of retirement facilities in California will vary depending on how luxurious the particular retirement facility is. Many California retirement facilities are pet friendly. Many retirement facilities in California accept Medicaid and Medicare to cover partial cost of the retirement facility. There are also many dementia and Alzheimer’s retirement facilities in California. Search through complete list of all the best retirement facilities in California below:

Retirement means different things for different people, but one thing is certain, a plan should be in place. Depending on when a person retires, what their living preferences are, and what health conditions they have, certain facilities may be better than others. Knowing which long-term care options are available will help you choose the best location to fit your needs.

Types of Retirement Homes in California

  • California Retired Nursing Care – For retired seniors who have medical needs that require careful monitoring, nursing home care is a suitable option. There are both long term and short-term nursing care homes for the elderly. Meals, skilled nursing, and other services are provided.
  • California Assisted Living Retirement Homes - Some seniors are unable to care for themselves after retirement. This can be due to general age-related issues or health complications. Assisted retirement living is best for elderly retirees that need a safe environment with regular assistance to complete daily tasks.
  • California Independent Living Retirement Homes - Many seniors who retire are very independent but prefer to downgrade their larger home in favor of an independent living arrangement for seniors. These types of homes offer retirees a private apartment with a small kitchen. Most also offer social packages and prepared meal packages for those who are interested.
  • California Memory Care Retirement Homes – Seniors are at the highest risk of developing conditions that affect their memory. After retirement, it is important to make sure there is a support system in place to ensure their safety. There are homes for retired seniors that take the need for specialized memory care into account. These homes offer security to prevent wandering and confusion and highly skilled nursed to attend to their medical needs.

How to Find A Retirement Community in California?

If you are nearing retirement and have been considering where you plan to live, chances are California retirement communities are on the consideration list. There are several types of communities made for those who have retired, and once you know which one will suit your needs, it’s time to start your search. There are a few ways to find a retirement community in California that fits your requirements and your budget.

For active seniors who have a lot of energy and want to explore, a resort-style retirement home may be a nice option. Keep in mind that retirement communities may be for older people, but they are in no way nursing homes. A good California retirement community will be a place that is fun to live and is very vibrant. Look for locations that offer a wide variety of onsite amenities such as dining, pools, hair salons, craft areas, and social events. This will ensure that your golden years are spent in style and ease. The great thing about retirement communities in California is that you will always have access to help when needed, but will still be free to live your life on your terms.

What Is the Average Cost of a California Retirement Home?

There are several factors that play a part in determining the overall cost of a space in a California retirement home. Where the facility is located, the size of the rental unit, the addition of meal plans are some factors that can make the cost increase or decrease. On average, seniors can expect to spend around $4,100 a month for a moderate single bedroom space in an average location. The most affordable of spaces in a retirement home are about $1,550 a month for very independent seniors. Residents that need higher levels of assistance or want to choose a larger space can also expect to have a higher monthly cost. Some locations that are in the middle of the city such as Los Angeles or closer to historical areas may also have higher fees.

Questions to Think About When On-site at A California Retirement Facility

It is never easy to choose to give up your private home in favor of a California retirement home. However, after considering all of the benefits, it will often prove to be the best option. Every senior has different needs, and it is important to find a facility that matches your expectations. No matter which location looks good on paper, it is important to make an in-person visit to get a feel for the environment. Here are some important questions to ask while you are there:

Is a communal space right for you? Most retirement communities in California are set up apartment-style, though some are set up as private rooms in a single facility. Many seniors may struggle with the change from private home to a communal setting, though others may welcome the chance to be surrounded by others.

Are there meal plans? What are the details? Every retirement community has some form of a meal plan or meal package for its residents. This may be a regular dining service in a food hall, or it may be prepared meals delivered to each resident. Ask about the food options, restrictions, and even about food arrangements for times you have visitors.

Where would you like to live long term? Some California retirement locations may be further away from friends and loved ones but offer all of the amenities you desire. Other facilities may be near you and closer to your family, but not have other key options that you want in a retirement community. Knowing what general area you prefer to live in, in advance, will save you from having to make tough decisions later down the line.

Who are the other residents? While everyone in the home will certainly be a retired senior, it is important to live in a community of people you are comfortable with. If you are a single retired person, you may prefer to stay with others in the same situation, and the same goes for married couples.

Are there planned activities? Most California retirement homes offer a calendar of events for their residents to attend. Though the calendar may be impressive, sometimes very few people participate. Make sure to ask about participation numbers, frequency of new event additions, and other options.

We are always here to help you learn about the any options there are for seniors in terms of long-term retirement care. For more information about retirement homes in your area of California, please see our directory below.

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